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Are you looking for a trustworthy and reliable partner when it comes to the maintenance, repair or diagnosis of your car? With us you are in the right place! customer service is at our utmost importance and your experience with us matters. Our technicians are highly trained and certified by the IMI and have a dedicated 20 years experience in the motor industry. 

Our car repair works offer you instant full service and master quality at affordable prices for all manufacurers.

We look forward to your visit on our website. Here are some insights of our daily work and our range of services. Our team is keen to answer your questions at any time.




Is your vehicle showing signs of poor running?

High MPG/ fuel consumption or displaying a warning light on the dash board?

We can help! combined with the latest up to date diagnostic interfaces and our master technicians unparelled experience. We will strive to source the cause of the issue and rectify it correctly. 




Economy and power enhancment remapping is beneficial to to all vehicles. The modern petrol and diesel vehicle is programed from the factory with generic, across the the board settings. Remapping changes these basic settings to a more personalised way of driving, allowing your vehicle to give higher power output for more responsive throttle control and or conbined economy espeacially in diesel vehicles.

Self employed or own a fleet of vehicles with remapping you can claw back the rewards with better fuel economy and also more power for comercial vehicles pull heavy loads or even trailers.    



Todays modern vehicles are pushed to there limits to produce the best from there original manufactures desires to perform, be it in performance or economy. All vehicles need to be serviced regularly, especially with todays emissions controls and regulations its never been more important to up keep the service of your vehicle to manufacturers specifications, to ensure your comfort, reliability and most of all protect your treasured asset from mechanical failure.





We aim to deliver high quality maintenance and repairs to all vehicle makes and models from every day vehicles to high end prestige sector.

We cater the needs of all vehicle systems ie; brakes, steering , suspension, transmission , engines, exhausts ect.

Our master technicians also sport many years of experience within the trade to garantee you a quality repair that you will be untroubled with.


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